When starting off your blog, you tell them who you are,
“I am the famous author of these wonderful memoirs!”
But what if it’s not that simple? What if I’m not that far?
Not able to share the answer …I know that sounds bizarre.

Well, my how is so much more than my what will ever be.
My when is so much fewer than my where will ever see.
My who is what I yearn for, to know it finally.
My why is where I’ll start, this blog discovery.

You see, I don’t know who I am, I’m looking for a sign,
Some way to truly find myself and follow what is mine.
Because no longer will I acquiesce or let them undermine.
It’s time to set me free, my friend; it’s time for me to shine.

But my life is such a puzzle, a complex mystery.
My soul, an angry captive, enslaved by history.
My heart is full of torment, so torn by misery.
My mind is all a muddle, beset with injury.

And yet I’m feeling positive, I do not need to cry.
This blog is now my mirror, a journey through my eyes.
With self-affirming purpose, I ask me ‘who am I?’
Then one day, I’ll know myself and reach up for the sky.

My exploits are praiseworthy, though I often do forget.
And my wisdom is like many, washed in tears, blood and sweat.
But my knowledge is still favoured, many triumphs in my debt,
So this blog is now catharsis. Contemplation. My outlet.

Now, that may seem self-indulgent, but of course that is my aim!
This odyssey to who I am, I do with zero shame!
And neither do I search for fault, nor censure, scorn or blame.
I only seek to know the truth …and hope you’ll do the same.

My tales of life and business, quirky poems intertwined,
Are open invitation to be a tourist in my mind.
So join the chat, leave a comment, be direct, if so inclined,
And this will be our journal of the footprints left behind.

And so, it’s time to start the trail, begin my life anew,
As I discover who I am and all that I could do.
I know not where this will lead or what I’ll share with you,
But one thing is for certain …I’m going to see it through!

What do you think?